Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our products. We strive to minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint in every aspect of our business. From using eco-friendly packaging materials to partnering with ethical suppliers, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet.



I AM SACRED SPACE is an e-commerce store that sells sacred tools to manifest love, protection, and purpose in your life. Each product is carefully crafted with unique blends of essential oils and natural essences, created in the Cotswolds by hand from ethically grown ingredients. We believe that the power of nature can help us connect with our inner desires and transform our lives.

We are excited to share more details of our ingredients very soon!


There is a barn in the English countryside where our products are made. From the barn you look out over the rolling Cotswold hills and green fields of Oxfordshire. Inside the barn, the scent of essential oils mingles with the gentle sound of Eastern chanting.

In this beautiful place of peace, our products are blended - by hand, in small fresh batches, using simple techniques based on an intuitive and heartfelt approach. Our staff work without talking, relishing the meditative atmosphere.

By combining ancient traditions, ethical processes and untainted natural ingredients, we harness nature’s purest vibrancy in each and every product, many of which are also individually inscribed with a positive intention.

Everyone who works here is passionate about what they do. Our approach is grounded in a deep respect for humanity, for the earth and for nature at its purest. From this our products are born, drawing on the earth’s oldest resources and traditions but directed at the needs of the modern world. A natural life force.

Founded in 2022 in London by Estelle Bingham, I AM SACRED SPACE is more than just a store. It is a sanctuary where you can find the tools you need to create a sacred space in your life. 


BOTTLES - Our bottles are made in Italy from glass with a plastic lined lid. Our ambition is to move to a refillable service as soon as possible.

BOXES - Our boxes are made in the UK with the following credientials:

- ECF - Elemental Chlorine Free – Products made from pulp which has been bleached with out the use of elemental chlorine, but instead uses chlorine gas along with other bleaching agents such as oxygen.

- Printed using vegetable-based inks (rather than petroleum oil-based inks)

- All waste produced during manufacturing is sent for recycling.

The company who creates our gorgeous boxes are FSC certified and Gold Ecovadis They also print on World Trust material and carbon offset to several programs including Ecologi.


We use a 19gsm soft tissue printed by a small business in the UK. It is sustainably sourced from FSC certified paper mills. 

Our stickers are made from 100% recycled face material with water based, recycling compatible acrylic using no volatile organic compounds. When applied, they are recyclable or biodegradable. The backing for the sticker sheets is made from a siliconised kraft. It is worth noting that whilst possible, the silicone backing is a little tricky to recycle at household recycling sites. Silicone is inert and free of toxins so would be better off composted.

Our notecards are recyclable, FSC certified, sustainably sourced and chlorine-free.

Our mailing packaging box, tape and padding is 100% recyclable paper and card.

When you shop at I AM SACRED SPACE, you can trust that you are not only investing in high-quality sacred tools, but also supporting a business that values sustainability and ethical practices.

Join us on this transformative journey and create your sacred space today.

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