SACRED [sa·cred]

Devoted, Dedicated, Purpose; Consecrated; Association with the Divine; Holy. (see also: Divine)


Estelle Bingham

"I had been really conscious of the need to help people sustain and maintain a connection to their healing journey in-between sessions. Life-changing transformation really takes place when we are able to show-up consistently to that change. The practice of ‘showing up’ doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s actually about becoming more Present, but we do need a little help along the way. When we cultivate more presence in our lives we are kinder to ourselves. The most effective way to be present is to drop into our heart energy. When we activate this energy we become less stressed, more aligned to our authentic selves and begin to practice self love daily. Our heart frequency creates space for us to either discover our Purpose or to begin to believe in it. As we alchemize our frequency we Protect our energy to keep us on the right track."

- Estelle Bingham

Meet Estelle
  • hand drawn moon

    Hand-blended in sacred ceremony and in alignment with the Moon with loving intention in the Cotswolds.

  • Hand drawn clary sage leaf

    Using the highest quality essential oils and resins blended with the vibrational power of holy waters, gem, flower & tree essences.

  • Hand drawn hearts

    Containing natural organic ingredients, ethically and sustainably sourced. All our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Imbued with archetypal signs and symbols

Transcribed from Estelle's vision and energetic intention these alchemical designs use carefully selected and crafted symbols and sigils.

Created with the intention to hold the contents in Sacred Space, wherever you find yourself.